JACLO's 10 NEW vibrant colors add a playful accent to our existing standard finishes


Stone Grey(GRY)


Mint Green(GRN)



Light Blue(LBL)




What is the Pricing?

JACLO Price Group B. Refer to Matte Black (MBK) pricing for all 10 finishes.

What is the minimum?

Minimum of ONE, just like all JACLO products.

What products can be made in these finishes?

Any product that is available in Matte Black (MBK), with the exception of hoses and product that is plastic. If you need any clarification contact info@jaclo.com

Can I mix these finishes on any product?

Yes, you can make components different finishes. For instance, a Matte Black Faucet with Mint Green handles. Contact info@jaclo.com for the ordering process

Are there more finish options?

Contact info@jaclo.com for custom finishes

What is the Warranty?

JACLO's color is the same warranty as the standard finishes. Refer to JACLO's awesome warranty program

Can I get a display for my showroom?

Contact displays@jaclo.com

Are samples available?

We have a limited supply of color finish chains. The color finish samples are separate from our 26 standard finish chain. Please fill out the form below to request our color finish samples and we will reach out to you within 48 hours.